Connecting segments.

Sketch for two-tone tall configuration

Named after an act of connecting segments, Garland is a modular shelving system that is incrementally extendable both in width and height. On developing the Garland, our objective was to create flexible and robust system that’s elegant in its visual simplicity.

Designed in 2019 , self produced by Mentsen to order. Get in touch for price and turn around timing.
Garland L-shape sideboard / photo © Nick Rochowski
Garland room divider / photo © Nick Rochowski
Garland circular tower / photo © Nick Rochowski

Development of Garland

The choice of materials reflect our intention to make each elements purposeful, and to offer an understated luxury. Shelves are made with solid wood in ash or coloured wood fibre panels in cocoa brown or blue with fibre freckles. Structural elements – connections bar and uprights are machined from aluminium and available in either hand polished silver or anodised dark brown. A choice of powder-coated back panels or aluminium braces adds to lateral stability. Cabinets options is also available and are furnished with fluted glass doors and a back panel.

First prototype
Sketch for circular configuration I
Sketch for circular configuration II
Sketch for L-shape configuration
Sketch for two-tone low configuration
Installation view from 'Lines Form Surfaces', Sep 2019
Installation view from 'Lines Form Surfaces', Sep 2019
Installation view from 'Lines Form Surfaces', Sep 2019