Forme e Colori

Forms and colours.

As the artistic directors for the brand Zilio A&C, Mentsen have been responsible for the brand presentations since 2012. Under the theme of forms and colours’, we have developed the visual concepts for annual printed matter Forme e Colori to promote the new products presented at Milan Salone del Mobile and its exhibition stand each year. Zilio A&C also exhibits at Stockholm Furniture Fair since 2019.

Trade show can be incredibly wasteful materially, with so much of heavily built stands thrown away at the end. Increasingly we design the stand with the intention of reusing as much of the material as possible year on year.

For the 2023 exhibition in Milan, flooring, plinths, counter and rugs have all been reused from previous shows, and curtains are used as lightweight space dividers.

Salone del Mobile 2023
Salone del Mobile 2023
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